Laboratory of Environmental Technologies and Environmental Impact Assessment


The laboratory of Environmental Technologies and Environmental Impact Assessment occupies 586 sqm and it’s located at the Polytechnic City of Innovation. It’s specialized in offering services related to the characterization of environmental conditions in water, as well as sediments, in continental ecosystems, marines and transition. At this modern laboratory, in addition to the regular equipment that you can find in an environmental laboratory (water purification equipment, pHmeters, conductimeters, oximeters, turbidimeters, scales, heaters, muffle furnaces, centrifuges, sterilizers and autoclaves, etc.) you will find the following specific equipment for field sampling and analysis:

  • Multiparameter probes, CTD, NXIC-CTD-ADC RS232 Falmouth scientific, INC and YSI 6600 V2, that allows simultaneous measurement and up to 50 meters of depth: temperature, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, saturation percentage, pH, REDOX potential and depth.
  • PONAR type dredgers for bottom sampling.
  • Sampling device: SWISS (Sampler Water Interphase System) and SWASS (Superficial Water Sampler).
  • Van-Dorn bottles in order to take water samples at different depths.
  • Plankton nets in various mesh sizes.
  • Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 UV/VIS.
  • Salinometer (inductive conductivity meter). Guildline 8410 Portasal Portable Salinometer.
  • IIshin FD5510 Lyophilizer.
  • Mixer mill for Retsch MM301 particle size reduction.
  • Equipment to determine toxicity in Microtox samples.
  • Continuous flow autoanalyzers: Evolution II Alliance Instruments and Integral Future Alliance Instruments.
  • Milestone ETHOS 1 Microwave. Mod ACT 36-Rev01.
  • Perkin Elmer Analyst 800 atomic absorption spectrophotometer with a AS90 and FIAS 100 autosampler.
  • Metrohm 797 VA Computrace voltmeter ammeter.
  • Microscopes: Nikon Optiphot and Leica DM2500, with an ultra high resolution digital camera.
  • Leica M80 magnifier.