Technology Transfer

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The Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering can place at your disposal a team of highly qualified experts with more than 30 years’ experience in many different fields including the provision of services to private companies.

We have an active policy of collaboration with industry through joint research projects, agreements, visiting researchers, participation in public works tenders, etc. By means of this interactive process, companies’ needs are identified and matched with one of our lines of research.

The Institute has long and successful experience in transferring the results of our research, especially those in software, to public and private organisations. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration and experience of implementing national and international projects, the Institute, over the years, has obtained important research results that have been successfully transferred to companies, highlighting the software developed.

Besides the occasional specialised postgraduate courses, IIAMA can also provide to public and private organisations training courses tailor-made to their requirements. Our staff is composed mainly of departmental heads and lecturers with wide experience in teaching subjects included in Hydraulic Engineering and the Environment. Courses are designed jointly with clients according to their aims, time available and any other requirements.

Classes are designed to be dynamic and practical and are adapted to the needs of the students involved. Our infrastructure includes all the necessary equipment and installations however, we can also provide courses in the client’s own premises, if required.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.